If you know me, then you’ll know that I like to talk about my chocolate brothers….and all the other flavours! The chocolate brother is strong! The chocolate brother believes in being strong. It is a character that he wears like a piece of clothing that he never takes off. This is not to say that the other brothers of the world do not possess these characteristics. I have met many of such brothers that do and were equally raised to be that way and that I am totally impressed with.
Some traits of a strong man as taught by some wonderful chocolate mothers and some other flavours are:
He shows leadership and is dependable
When he sees a situation that needs dealing with, he steps forward and handles it. Great leaders possess dazzling social intelligence, focus on worthwhile things, make problems go away and possess the innate inclination to protect.
He makes decisions
A man needs to make his share of all kinds of decisions (even for trivial things such as picking a restaurant, reserving a hotel) and is responsible for the outcome. A man who avoids being decisive is seen as dodging his responsibilities.
He has a huge sense of responsibility
From early on, he starts to build a career and the foundations for a comfortable family. He knows that it is his role to support his family and he starts to make provision for this even way before he has a woman.
A successful woman doesn’t make him feel insecure
No matter how successful she is, he doesn’t feel insecure but he makes his woman feel like a queen thereby gaining her respect and admiration. He knows that he is the head of the home and he believes in a power couple. Also, he knows that the woman’s money is for the woman and only serves as extra income for the family and isn’t constantly seeking to split bills.
He dresses in a way that gains people’s confidence
Clothes make the man. I can’t say this enough! If you don’t believe this, think back to that time when you just threw clothes over your head without caring about looking good and how no one took a second glance at you and the different reception you received when you wore a good suit, trimmed your facial hair and had a nice haircut. If you don’t remember, try it out!
He oozes of courage, speaks with confidence but doesn’t talk sh*t and gives a firm handshake
He is confident, not arrogant or self-centered. Confidence is about being self-assured and self-aware. Confident men have faith in their abilities and knowledge. When they speak, they stick to the point and do not flay all over the place, losing their poor audience somewhere in the middle. He offers a firm handshake with confidence.
From time to time, everyone’s confidence gets rocked. However, focusing on difficulties and disappointments never helps. It only makes matters worse. When this happens, the strong man doesn’t lie around over analyzing the situation, he does something! Even if the problem cannot be solved immediately, he knows that instead of just thinking about it, he can actually start to work on it.
He compliments others, even guys, and has a joke at hand
Yeah, he compliments both ladies and gents but doesn’t go overboard with it. For example, with guys, he sticks to accessories like watches and outer garments and doesn’t make crude remarks about how well the clothes accentuate the man’s body unless he is trying to tell us something about himself. Giving compliments shows that he has done things, knows things and is a good judge of character. A funny joke at hand makes him more endearing to others.
He is always gentle towards his woman
No matter how crazy he is to the outside world, he is always gentle towards his woman. He always speaks gently with his woman and defends her honour publicly. He doesn’t let even his closest friend bash her. Also, he never strikes a woman under any circumstances. Take Kanye West for example. True story!
He believes in positivity and knows that to move ahead in life, he should surround himself with smart people
He enjoys positive and enlightening conversations and surrounds himself with positive and smart thinking people. He doesn’t turn his problems into everyone else’s problem and talks positively about his life and that of those around him. When he does talk about his problems, he doesn’t create a depressing environment and indulge in self-pity.
He is proud, respectful and kind
He takes pride in his work and life. He respects his mother and everyone else, no matter what race or religion.  He opens the doors for elderly people and women, carries heavy luggages and offers his seat to elderly people standing. He treats everyone with fairness and equality. He avoids all forms of excessive behaviours, including excesses of any virtues.
He knows when and how to say he is sorry
He admits when he is wrong and apologizes when he means it and tries his hardest to avoid the mistakes made.
And here, you have it all from me!
Please note that I am not saying that only black men possess these traits or believe that these make the man! I have come across many non-blacks who do too.
So when you hear ladies talking about strong men, they most likely do not mean  arrogant, selfish, insensitive , lawless… men.
If there are more traits you would like to share, kindly comment below 🙂

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