For a while now, i have totally immersed myself into country music. I sing it, breathe it and “live” it.

I have also gone back into time hooking up with the Righteous brothers, Billy Joel, The Beatles, the Shirelles amongst others.

Anytime I sing these songs, for some inexplicable reason, I am reminded of Cowboys sweating sexy. So I have decided to move to Texas (maybe in my next life) to live on a farm with nice crops ( a tomato garden is a must) and animals and of course a sexy cowboy husband and sweet children!

I have taken the liberty to post pictures of my farmland, house, animals and so on excluding of course pictures of myself, my husband and kids. Those are “real” private!
The house
The land from down the street
My kitchen
The pastures
The Pastures in Autumn
My sweet horse, Rudy
Some of our chickens
Our cows
Our goat, Buttah


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