MPD thanks to Non-English Languages!!!

I have come to appreciate and respect non-native English speakers who speak English without fear or shame. I remember taking that flight many months ago swearing that I’d become as good as a native French speaker and feeling like I was on track to becoming a polyglot like my polyglot mentor Pope John Paul II who spoke at least 10 international languages of which he spoke 8 fluently.
I often wondered why in Nigeria, foreigners smiled so much. I came up with the answer that it was because Nigerians are warm people. I know the right answer now, I’ve lived it!!!

My new life in Texas

For a while now, i have totally immersed myself into country music. I sing it, breathe it and “live” it.
I have also gone back into time hooking up with the Righteous brothers, Billy Joel, The Beatles, the Shirelles amongst others.
Anytime I sing these songs, for some inexplicable reason, I am reminded of Cowboys sweating sexy. So I have decided to move to Texas (maybe in my next life) to live on a farm with nice crops ( a tomato garden is a must) and animals and of course a sexy cowboy husband and sweet children!